Diana is a graduate student by day and a blogger by night. She spends her free time trying to help others through physical and mental health as well as just providing interesting information. She does this through a hashtag she helped to establish, #WellfieWednesday, as well as being a health coach and personal trainer. She loves helping people reach their full potentials and attain their best quality of life. However, this is not her main passion! She strives to work towards educating others on what they can do for themselves as well as the importance of being woke and aware of the things happening around the world and to our world. She has recently decided to make this a bigger priority in her life and has embarked on vlogging more using #SciFri and #WorldWednesday in hopes to make others more aware and to educate on what our existence means on this planet – be it via world and humanitarian activism, epidemiology, biology, chemistry, and/or literally anything else.

Just in case that didn’t seem like enough, she also does business operations, strategic analytics, photography, and web development (you can check out more in the Consulting section).

Diana has spent most of her time cultivating a plethora of knowledge by clocking countless hours in the library or behind a computer screen. She began by obtaining a degree in biochemical engineering and integrated digital media/computer science which she used to get into medical school. However, during her years in medical school she realized that that wasn’t the right place for her and left the idea of being a physician behind and is now pursuing work in global health, human rights, and epidemiology. She is currently a graduate student at NYU and plans to continue on to obtain a PhD (because despite not wanting to be a medical doctor, she’d still like to be a doctor…).

Really she’s just trying to become a global citizen and live the greatest life possible… and she’d like to help you do the same by being your klattalyst for change. (She also likes making puns with her name.)