Real Talk

Hello, It’s Me

First posts are for introductions, right? Probably for the best. Even though the thought of having to come up with my own content terrifies me and who knows my actual commitment level, but here goes minimal effort.

SO. Okay. I guess I will keep it short and sweet. Welcome everyone (all 3 people that will read this… and maybe my dad…)! From here on out, I will be discussing how life is just a huge freaking shit show that we are trying to get through. And also a lot of things regarding health and wellness because someone should benefit from the 1/3 of medical school I attended. Oh… that’s probably what you really want to know about, right? Not the content I’m going to put out. Yes, I am a med school drop out. Do I see that as a failure? Maybe. Maybe not. Everything happens for a reason? Not really. You don’t just wake up one day when you’re like 20 and think “I AM GOING TO BE A DOCTOR.” Nono, you work on that for a very long time, your entire collegiate career is based on trying to get into a doctoral program. Like… you don’t just come out of the womb with a stethoscope, you perform your own delivery, duh. But you do know what you can wake up feeling like? Like your life in med school is not the way it should be. The environment is completely different from what you thought it would be. Maybe you thought you were going to be like JD and Turk or maybe you thought you were going to find “your person” and also have some steamy supply closet hook ups. But no, what you have is a mental break down at least once a week, you sleep maybe 4 hours a night (if you’re lucky), and you cry about how much you love cheese* because you have lost your mind. (*based on true events).

You can only take so much, there is a reason that doctorates are not easily attainable. People always say that you can achieve anything you put your mind to, but I don’t believe that’s the case. There are so many more factors that go into success, or the perception of success. So, to answer the question, do I find being a med school drop out a failure? No. I don’t. I think it is completely normal and something that happens much more frequently than anyone every talks about. No one ever talks about their failures but you know what, we should! Normalize the normal! Make people realize that what we see on social media is purely successes! There is so much more to life than what the perfectly curated social media post shows. Life is complicated but simple. And I am going to unleash the madness in my mind onto the unsuspecting lot of people who have found me… all 3 of you. Why? Because that’s what the internet is for! Rambling and ranting about things!

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