Health is Wealth, Wellness Wednesday

Sleep No More (Phones, Blue Light, and REM sleep)

Change into pajamas, wash face, brush teeth, put retainers on (because we all still have those, right?), hop in bed, stare at phone... how many of us have this as our routine before going to bed? I know I'd be lying if I said I didn't go to bed with my phone regularly. We, as… Continue reading Sleep No More (Phones, Blue Light, and REM sleep)

Real Talk

2016 and 366 Happy Days

I realize that this entire endeavor of writing and share my mental musings is a 2017 thing but I will likely reference this personal project I did during 2016 and thus will talk about it now. For the 2016 year I combined the daily photo challenge many do with the 100 happy days project to… Continue reading 2016 and 366 Happy Days

Health is Wealth, Wellness Wednesday

High Quality H2O

I am one of those people that drinks an obscene amount of water throughout the day. I have so many reusable water bottles it’s quite frankly ridiculous. I might actually be a fish. I mean, I am a pisces and my name does actually translate to body of water... but I digress. Water is life! L’eau… Continue reading High Quality H2O