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CAM You Tell Me More?: Cupping

KakaoTalk_Photo_2017-03-07-16-18-09.jpegWhoa, put some clothes on girl! Don’t worry, it’s okay, I keep the content here SFW, I am wearing shorts.

What the deuce are you doing, you ask? I am doing cupping. Yes, I know this looks like a weird scifi attack on my own leg with this weirdo pump and these bulbs sucking my skin up into their chambers… if you look close enough you can see my skin puckering a bit as well.

BUT WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO YOURSELF? Let’s play 2 truths and 1 lie:
1. I am doing this to myself because I have the means to do so (by-product of being the offspring of a LMT and DAOM/LAc)
3. obviously I should do everything that Michael Phelps does

But seriously, what is cupping?

Cupping therapy is a Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) healing modality that has been used to treat pain for more than 2000 years, which holds that pain is mainly caused by disorder (insufficiency or disturbance) of qi (energy) and blood circulation, causing blood stasis or qi blockage in the organs, energy channels, and other parts of the body… The principle of cupping treatment is to regulate and promote movement of qi and blood. By doing so, cupping is able to alleviate pain, caused by blood stasis and qi blockage. Cupping may also accelerate microcirculation and relieve muscular spasm. (1)

Ad why is it suddenly so popular? Well, mainly because of Michael Phelps… but there have been many celebrities and athletes that have shown their circular marks on red carpets and on the track that have talked about the healing properties of this modality. It’s not just for people of fame though! You, too, can look like you’ve battled an octopus!

So should you try it?  Heck yes! Especially if you seek relief from muscle aches, pain, back pain, stress, or fatigue.

Need a suggestion of an acupuncturist in NYC? Health insurance based practice? Out of pocket? Student rates? Manhattan/Brooklyn/Queens? I gotchu fam, shoot me a message.

*Note: CAM = Complementary Alternative Medicine

1. Journal of Traditional Chinese Medical Sciences

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