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Dance Dance… Facebook?

So, I logged into Facebook today from my laptop (because I don’t use the app on my phone… maybe that’s weird but whatever, I just don’t like to have that extra level of being constantly connected to everyone). Anyway, I logged on and Facebook ever so nicely told me that it is my birthday this week… thanks?? Yes, I am aware that my birthday is happening soon and no, maybe I don’t need my entire friends list to know that my birthday is coming up because who honestly cares? It’s just another timeline marker. I mean, I take note of the majority of my friend’s birthdays, hell, I actually remember everyone’s birthday, you just have to tell me once. I will add it to my calendar and it will be there for the rest of forever and I may not say anything to you on your birthday but you can be sure of the fact that I will think of you on your birthday (the curse of being an overly dedicated acquaintance)… Now that it has taken me a solid paragraph to inform you that my birthday is coming up, let me get to the point that is completely unrelated to the entire previous statement.

We reflect on our lives twice a year: on January 1st and on our birthdays. A lot of people give themselves New Years Resolutions but I am not someone who really finds that you need to give yourself a single time in a year to become a “new person,” however, I do use these two times to re-evaluate skill sets, hobbies, life styles, and life goals – the usual. So, what conclusion have I come to from this reflection? That I am going to take dance classes! I have been wanting to learn what to do with my arms and legs and how to function in general in the presence of music and a dance floor for years and what better time to learn than the present? Watch out world, I’m about to level up in confidence… right after I figure out how to walk down the street without tripping over my own feet. I also want to bungee jump, but one thing at a time. I don’t like to half ass anything so I will stick to this as my new thing (as soon as I run my marathon at the end of the month). For reference, when I say I want to learn how to dance I don’t mean swing or ballroom dancing (which are things I actually can do), I mean like legit 1Million Dance Studio, Millennium Dance Complex, The Kinjaz/Kinjaz Dojo, etc. type of dancing (not saying other dancing is real! no offense other styles of dancing!).

What is something you’re nervous about or afraid to try? What’s preventing you from doing it? Time? Cost? I certainly don’t have the time or money to just be spending on this endeavor but it’s something that I know will be enjoyable and rewarding so I’m just doing it.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 1.53.30 PM.png

PS. When do we start saying X years young instead of X years old?
PPS. If I become the kind of person that says years young just smack me. Thank you in advance.
PPPS. I realize this is a hot mess of a thought and thank you if you made it this far but I find that putting the thought out there creates a greater obligation than just leaving the concept in the back of my mind.


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