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Walk This Way

This week I wrote my weekly wellness tip about walking for another website! My life is getting so exciting, oh my gosh, I am so cool. Also, I felt that my typical style of soaking my writing in sarcasm would not be a) appropriate or b) fit into the style of that space so feel free to check it out there or read my initial, unedited version below:

So, you got a fitbit for Christmas? And a some random fitness tracker from work? AND ANOTHER ONE FROM YOUR PARENTS? Shit, what the hell are you supposed to do with all of these? First of all, let’s ignore the overwhelming sign that people seem to be trying to send you and figure out what you should actually do with all of these. The obvious answer is that you should challenge yourself across multiple platforms to the 10,000 step challenge… but wait, what’s so magical about taking 10,000 steps? Well, 10,000 steps is roughly equivalent to 5 miles and these numbers plus 30 minutes of continuous, moderate exercise satisfy the suggested weekly exercise from the CDC. And damn, if the CDC is telling you that you should get those steps in, maybe you should. Be happy I didn’t write the actual suggested amount for the typical US citizen. (psst, it’s 20,000… but who’s keeping track?)

Many of us have adopted a sedentary lifestyle. Most people have a day that goes as follows: sit in car/train/bus on commute, sit at work, sit on return commute, sit at home, and so on. Does this sedentary person sound like you? Are you reading this while laying in bed or from your couch? Are you actually a potato? If so, then that’s okay, we welcome all humanoids and starches here. If this sounds like you and you are just starting to keep track of your daily activity don’t feel intimidated by the magnitude of 10,000. You can begin with a tangible, realistic number of 2,500 steps and try to maintain that for each day of the week and then add 1,000 steps the following week and so on until you reach your step goal. It’s all about making small changes to impact your overall health. Increase that cardio and become the crinkle cut fry of your dreams, Mrs. Potato Head will be thrilled to see that new bod.

Source: Reddit

Also, it’s National Walking Day! So I’m going to challenge you – all 3 of you and my like 2 twitter followers – to add me on fitbit and outwalk me. If it seems like I get an absurd amount of steps in, you’re right… I attached my fitbit to my dog and let her run around so who are you really challenging? (It’s me, I am joking, my dog is lazier than I am, she’s basically a cat.)

Fitbit username: dianaklatt

Morgan, Amy L., David A. Tobar, and Lauren Snyder. “Walking Toward a New Me: The Impact of Prescribed Walking 10,000 Steps/Day on Physical and Psychological Well-Being.” Journal of Physical Activity and Health 7.3 (2010): 299-307.

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