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What’s Your Chronotype?

Are you a morning person? A night person? Apparently that doesn’t really matter and there are 7 different categories of chronotype you can fall into: extreme early type, moderate early type, slight early type, normal type, slight late type, moderate late type, and extreme late type.

I was recently talking with a friend about how I am so obviously a morning person, but also that I seem to just be an all the time person since I tend to be awake until ungodly hours of the night (so really… I just don’t sleep, but hey, that’s what coffee is for). I, personally, wake up around 5:30am every morning naturally and I attempt to go to sleep around 11:30pm (which in reality is more like 1:00am). When you think about that, it comes out to about 5 hours of quality sleep a night. The recommended amount of sleep for adults is at least 7 hours each night (*hahahaha* I cackle as I draft this post at midnight).

But sleep is pretty important and I am making light of the situation of how crucial it is in our ability to functional properly. Sleep is critical for immune function, tissue healing, pain modulation, cardiovascular health, cognitive function, and learning and memory. Without adequate sleep, people can experience increased pain perception, loss of function, reduced quality of life, depression, increased anxiety, impaired memory and cognitive function, reduced ability to learn motor skills, and are at an increased risk for accidents, injuries, and falls. (WellfieWednesday Tip 37)

So what’s the deal with chronotypes? Well, chronotype is the behavioral aspects of our circadian rhythms and is specific to the time of day that someone goes to sleep (rather than when someone is waking up). Most people go with this concept of being a morning person or a night person, but this is all related to our internal circadian clock. So when we say that we are a morning lark, really we should be early sleepers and when we are claiming to be a night owl, we are saying we sleep late. (Side note: why tf do we use birds to identify our sleeping/waking type?) Anyway, most of us know what type of sleeper and waker we are and have exceptions for various events and reasons.

As someone who is literally just constantly awake I went in search of a way to really determine what type of sleep I should be getting. Especially since whenever I would meet anyone new and they asked about my sleep patterns (yes, this is somehow a very hot topic to talk about with strangers) they were always like “…..soooooo when do you sleep? that’s not very healthy for a health advocate.” YOU ARE SO RIGHT! What the heck am I doing over here trying to tell ya’ll to be better and want better for yourself when I’m staring at my computer screen at 12:30am eating freaking gummy bears?! I am clearly the epitome of wellness right now.

So, I used the google and found an assessment that is part of a study being done on chronotypes at Ludwig Maximilians Universitat Munchen Institut fur Medizinische Psychologie.Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 5.19.02 PM.png

According to the Munich Chronotype Questionaire I do not sleep enough… not shocking news.

As a moderate early type, I apparently allow my social environment to lure me into staying up later than my biological clock would prefer (once again, unsurprised) but yet when I wake up in the morning I am supposedly functional (shows how little you know about me, German algorithm).

Upon finding this out I decided to turn on that lovely little bedtime app built into our beloved iPhones and every evening when it chimes to tell me to go to sleep I laugh because I know I won’t be going to bed any time soon.

Friends. Strangers. Help keep me accountable. Send me some suggestions on how to make myself sleep for more than 5 hours a night. My future sanity is depending on you. Pray for my sleep habits and my under-eye bags. I only manage to not look like a zombie because of genetics and also probably because my real life bestie is a makeup and skincare blogger (although I listen to her -12% of the time).

Good night.

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