Health is Wealth, Wellness Wednesday

Buzzing with Allergies

Can’t stop sneezing? Me neither. (Actually my sneezing has gotten so bad that my doctor told me to basically stop breathing so my nose would stop bleeding from over irritation, but that’s irrelevant.)

Seasonal allergies are upon us and the sneezing is only going to get worse but here’s a natural remedy for you, honeyLocal honey to be exact. We’ve all heard that eating local honey can help combat allergies but what is this mystic sorcery? The concept goes as such: local honey is extracted from your local bees that are traveling around in your community and pollinating the flowers local to you and consumption of this local honey thus provides you with small exposures to your local pollen, which helps you to build up a tolerance (slowly decreases your allergic response) to the pollen when you are exposed to it in the air. Sounds familiar, right? That’s because this is the concept of DESENSITIZATION IMMUNOTHERAPY. It’s the same concept behind vaccinations, just applied in a much more natural way. We all want some more T-cells on our insides gearing up to battle those foreign invaders – get out of here pollen, no body invited you to the inside of my nasal cavity.

I, personally, have been a bit skeptical in attempting to use this method since living in NYC. When I lived in the Bay Area I used to subscribe wholeheartedly to this method to ameliorate my seasonal sneezing but something about the artificial atmosphere and manmade ecosystem of NYC/Brooklyn made me a bit uncertain about applying this here. I’ve also not typically had nearly as terrible of allergies but this particular season has already proven everything I know about myself as wrong… (re: note about sneezing + nosebleeds stated earlier) So, you were saying climate change isn’t real?……… Anyway, I will attempt to filter my thoughts a bit and stick to the topic at hand.


With the change in season there is also the resurgence of farmer’s markets! In particular, the Union Square Greenmarket. Every Wednesday I get off the train in the thick of the market and I knew I was on the lookout for the bee farmers and stumbled across these guys. They make honey with pollen that is specific to YOUR neighborhood (yes, maybe at a steep price of $25 but hey, there are 7 types of bees that are currently on the endangered species list, so yeah, that price sounds about right). These artisans address the fact that each neighborhood has slightly different pollen and that there is no one place in NYC that is the same (isn’t that the major appeal of this city? the major diversity?). Maybe you’re like “hey, $25 is a lot for some honey” but take into account that regardless of whether you pick up a pack of non-drowsy allergy meds you will be groggy AF, so maybe that $10 more is worth it? If you decide to check it out you can find me staring at all the jars trying to decide what the difference between the ones closest to my hood are…

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