Health is Wealth, Wellness Wednesday

I Want To Ride My Bicycle

It’s National Bike to Work Week!! May 15-19, 2017*

This is my bike, Calcifer.

(It seems like every day has a national holiday but I am fully behind this one as it promotes movement, health, wellness, and greener forms of transportation.)

(Helmet not pictured)

Biking to work is a great way to get in shape and save on gas/metrocard fare. But please be safe while doing so, especially in NYC and other large metropolitan areas. Do not just bike all over the street, most cities have maps of designated streets that have bike lanes and lights (click here are Manhattan/Brooklyn bike routes).

I am all for public bike share programs (ie CitiBikes) but the one thing that is not provided but is necessary is a HELMET. There have been many studies done that show that even if you seem to be scratched up on your limbs that your biggest impact is in your helmet when you fall off your bike. Many people also reuse their helmets after a fall but it is no longer providing you the same safety once it has hit concrete. Our noggins are so so valuable, we can afford the messy helmet hair and looking goofy. (WHO: Helmet Importance)

Readers! All maybe 6 of you. Please accept this as my post for the day because I am extremely distracted by massive amounts of work and also in the middle of rebranding and packing to go out of the country for a few weeks. Also accept this as my *leave of absence* note as I will likely take 2 weeks off due to traveling for work. That freelanceprenuer life is not as glamorous as it seems! Setting your own hours is really just giving all your time to clients.

*(For any Brooklynites, there is a post-bike week party in DUMBO: 4th Annual Bike Home from Work Party)

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