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Oh My God, Shoes

Who remembers that YouTube viral video about shoes from the 2007? #sorrynotsorry for everyone that had suppressed the memory of this video.

Instead of my face for #WellfieWednesday, I feel like I need to bring attention to the importance of shoes and your feet.

**Disclaimer: I am going to say that I encourage you to not even bother reading this. It’s just a series of me rambling because I didn’t have much time to write something today.**
(Not all posts are winners! But consistency is key!)

After my marathon in March I decided it was time to retire my Asics Nimbus running shoes for multiple reasons. 1) I had logged a solid 400 miles on them. 2) They felt so so heavy around mile 18. 3) My feet felt like they were on FIRE at mile 20 and continued to be hot until I finished the race and then some cool down time. 4) Blisters. If reasons 1 and 2 aren’t good enough of reasons to change shoes, 3 and 4 certainly are. If you’re getting blisters, you’re probably wearing the wrong type of socks (I am definitely occasionally guilty of this) and if your feet are on fire while you run, your shoes are not the right material for you!

Anyway, after my race I struggled with the battle of leaving Team Asics and the betrayal I was potentially going to commit, 10 years of loyalty down the drain… I ended up going to a running store to test out new shoes and landed on a pair of Brooks, I ran a couple times in them and found that it was the completely wrong shoe. Cramped toe box, blisters at the achilles – all the things you don’t want in a shoe. Then I went out of the country and forgot about this entire ordeal. When I came back, I went for another run and was suddenly reminded of how awful of a fit these shoes were and took them back to the running store to get a new pair. (If you’re still reading this, kudos, I’m just rambling.) The manager of the store assisted me and listened to my overly wordy saga of a runner’s life story and brought me 5 different shoes to try on based on my foot shape (PIZZA FOOT, how appropriate), running distance, and gait. And I just need to say, oh my GOD, I got these New Balance 880v7’s and I never want to take them off. I never knew shoes could feel this good! When I think of higher rank running shoes I think Mizuno, Brooks, Asics… the usual, but let me just say that we all need to stop going for name and go for fit! Because these are the most breathable, glorious, light weight, conforming, and cute (because that obviously matters) shoe I have run in in a LONG time.

So, moral of the story. Shoes matter. This is not a great post. I am tired. Still trying to catch up on my real life but felt obligated to post something. Thank you for reading my ramble. Also, sorry you had to read that.

If you want to read another story about shoes, here’s another anecdote:
During the winter I picked said friend up from his house, there was snow on the ground and I noticed he was wearing basic mesh top sneakers. I made a comment on his shoes and he went off on this whole story about how he’s from Canada so this snow was weak in comparison to what he’s used to and that these were the shoes that he wore on his trek across Europe (which was 3 years ago). To which I said that I was shocked he was still wearing them at all and he just continued on and mentioned that they were such a bargain when he bought them. He shuffles his feet, sometimes he complains about aches, and yet… he still wears these shoes. What’s the problem?? The shoe! Oh my god. Just buy new shoes. Or if you really want to wear a pair for a long time, invest in the shoe that will support your lifestyle. Your feet are your livelihood!

They are so cheap for a reason! Do you realize how many hours you spend on your feet in a day? Do you realize that the position you place your feet in while you’re upright affects your entire body? Think about the material and make of your shoes right now. Now think of the surfaces you walk on daily. Your shoes wear out. You walk on cement. Cement is abrasive. Are you not wearing shoes to protect your feet from the ground in the first place?

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