Health is Wealth, Wellness Wednesday


Soooo, apparently I missed avocado day 🥑 yesterday and now I can no longer call myself an insta-foodie-blogger because what kind of foodie misses a day praising that green creamy goodness? #socialmediafail

GPOY: Always travel with avocado in hand. (Image)

We’ve all seen the avocado craze and all the jokes about us millennials spending all of our money for avocado toast, hell there is a cafe in Australia that even makes Avolattes! (Thank you Melbs🇦🇺, for keeping the Aussie’s in the lead for most hipster place in the world… that plus the $5 spoons of nutella…)

So what’s the deal? Why are we all suddenly obsessed with avocados and will we deplete our resources? First of all, avocados are ridiculously loaded with all sorts of health benefits and nutrients (aka a SUPERFOOD) which has made it skyrocket to the top of the must include in grocery cart list. And secondly, probably, avocados do grow on trees but probably not at the rate that we’re consuming them at (but we can worry about that later…).

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 12.39.55 PM.png
Image from Mercola

The nutritional content listed above barely skim the surface of the benefits that avocados can provide. Avocados can be helpful in weight management as they are a high source of fatty acids and filling, so they sustain your appetite longer while still providing you with nutrients. (Please don’t just eat only avocados if you’re trying to diet, “diets” aren’t one size fits all and you need to incorporate movement and exercise to change your body in a healthy way!) They can also have anti-aging properties; they contain antioxidant compounds such as xanthophyll, which can help reduce the process of aging. (A whole lot cheaper than botox, amIright?) They can also help with blood glucose levels, especially important for diabetic people, by the way that the glucose is digested and metabolized within the body. There are so many more reasons avocados are beneficial, I could sit here for days writing but you’d be better off checking here: 19 Benefits of Avocados.

Holy shit, right?! Hello superfood 💪🏽! Who needs to eat an apple a day when you can eat an avocado a day?

… but actually, please eat them in moderation and also eat other fruits, vegetables, and whatever your choice of protein is.

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 12.43.33 PM
“Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” – Michael Pollen (Image)

*written while eating guacamole


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