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Get Ginger With It

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Why is ginger so effective? GINGEROL

There are over 100 different chemical compounds in ginger, but gingerol is the one that gives us the therapeutic benefits. Gingerol is an oily substance that acts as both an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory agent. Because of [6]-gingerol, ginger has been the focus of many studies and has been proven to be useful for preventing/treating stroke, heart diesease, indigestion and nausea, boosting the immune system* and respiratory function, combating bacterial infections, and so many more things!

So, what are some ways to incorporate ginger into your daily life? Drink it!

Boiling hot water
At least 5 slices of ginger (julienne)
Lemon (squeeze the juice in, no one needs the bitterness from the peel)
Honey (local if you can!)
Cayenne Pepper

Literally just add it to whatever smoothie you’re making. If you’re wondering, this is my current combo –
Coconut water
Ginger infused water with the ginger slices (I let it sit with the ginger overnight)
Açaí Powder
Standard Process SP Complete Non-Dairy

Vaccines & Herd Immunity: What is herd immunity?

Herd immunity is the phenomenon of a community indirectly being protected from infection or disease due to the majority of said population being vaccinated. This is most beneficial for those that are not vaccinated against a specific infection or disease (this is how we eliminated small pox and also why there is a rise in MMR since so many people are not having their children appropriately vaccinated prior to entering school). Each year the flu vaccine is administered based on the epidemiological studies conducted to determine which strain of the virus is most likely to be prevalent that year. Basically, just go get the flu vaccine. Also, don’t take public transportation and take the day off when you’re sick! You’re not in your most functional state and you are spreading the virus! (Side note, antibiotics will not work with a virus – otherwise it would be called antivirus – so please do not go begging your physician for azithromycin aka the z-pack).

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