15252743_10209244320039204_7383847433618944198_oTrying to be the person I needed in my life in my early 20s. Exploring life and hopefully helping guide you through yours.

Discussing medicine, wellness, physical and mental health, scientific matters, and the normalization of being ordinary.*

Working towards helping you to improve your quality of life through tips and tricks to implement in your daily life and to educate of the alternatives. Small steps lead to big changes. The #WellfieWednesday hashtag started small but we’ve been promoting wellness since July 2016. Feel free to check out the posts of the rest of the #WellfieCrew on Twitter and Facebook! We post a new tip every week!

Your one-stop connection to a plethora of alternative health and wellness resources in New York City, USA and Piedmont, Italy.

Let me be your klattalyst for health and wellness! 😉

*I do have the credentials and certifications that qualify me as a resource for both scientific and health matters. I try to be unbiased in many matters but I still use this space to provide my personal opinion in regards to potentially controversial topics (ie. politics, vaccines, etc).