Health is Wealth, Real Talk, Wellness Wednesday

Digital Digital Get Down

Did you miss me? It's been a while, right? Well here's why! I've been doing some prep for this blog post about our ridiculous obsessions with our tech! So, here goes. How many of you have been sitting there, looking at Facebook only to type "facebook" in your search bar......... just me? I know you… Continue reading Digital Digital Get Down

Health is Wealth, Wellness Wednesday

Walk This Way

This week I wrote my weekly wellness tip about walking for another website! My life is getting so exciting, oh my gosh, I am so cool. Also, I felt that my typical style of soaking my writing in sarcasm would not be a) appropriate or b) fit into the style of that space so feel… Continue reading Walk This Way

Real Talk

Give and Take

This morning I woke up to my terrible alarm clock blaring and hit snooze, effectively making it impossible for me to go to the gym before work. (Impossible might be a strong word but I do not like to smell like a foot and shower after exercising and getting out of bed any time after… Continue reading Give and Take