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Digital Distraction

In September I wrote a piece about digital detoxes and how to address digital addiction. As all the new phones are being realized and everyone is flocking towards new technology¬† I received a response from¬†Anastasia Dedyukhina, author of Homo Distractus, and have since been discussing the trend that we, as a global society, seem to… Continue reading Digital Distraction

Health is Wealth, Real Talk, Wellness Wednesday

Digital Digital Get Down

Did you miss me? It's been a while, right? Well here's why! I've been doing some prep for this blog post about our ridiculous obsessions with our tech! So, here goes. How many of you have been sitting there, looking at Facebook only to type "facebook" in your search bar......... just me? I know you… Continue reading Digital Digital Get Down

Health is Wealth, Wellness Wednesday

Sleep No More (Phones, Blue Light, and REM sleep)

Change into pajamas, wash face, brush teeth, put retainers on (because we all still have those, right?), hop in bed, stare at phone... how many of us have this as our routine before going to bed? I know I'd be lying if I said I didn't go to bed with my phone regularly. We, as… Continue reading Sleep No More (Phones, Blue Light, and REM sleep)